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About Us

Redefining Luxury

At Revelot we believe that everyone should be able to afford premium quality products without burning a hole in your wallet.
Study shows that 80% of luxury products are sold at a price 10 to 40 times higher than its cost to produce.
Our products are made with 3 core values: Premium Quality, cutting edge design and honest pricing.

Quality Material

Our movements are imported from Japan Miyota which is known by industry experts for its reliability and quality.
The glass is made from Anti-scratch sapphire glass with a layer of UV protection to ensure longevity and clarity.
After the assembly, our watches go through rigorous testings which include water resistance, vibration test and accuracy test to ensure the end product has minimal defect of less than 1%.

Honest Pricing 

For decades, its either you have to spend a lot of money to purchase that luxury, high quality timepiece or forced to buy cheap replicas or low quality watches and luxury goods.
We travelled across the globe in search of industry experts and manufacturers to bring you the highest quality products at the best prices.
By going straight to manufacturers, we are able to bypass the middleman and bring down the price of the watches.


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