In 2017, Revelot came into existence within the confines of a modest garage in Kuala Lumpur. It was the brainchild of a passionate watch enthusiast who embarked on a journey to craft timepieces that transcends the ordinary realm of fashion watches.

With design queues that subtly draw upon mid-century classics & brutalism with hints of artistic influence from the renowned watchmaker Gerald Genta. The outcome is a harmonious fusion of design elements incorporating angular facets, guilloche patterns and steel polish combinations.

Revelot launched the R7 & R11 models on Kickstarter & Indiegogo and with the success of our crowdfunding we have expanded our product range to beyond just watches.


The name Revelot originates from blending "Revel," signifying joyful celebrations, and "Zealot," representing unwavering passion. Our ethos centers on celebrating life, crafting functional, elegant, and affordable gifts. Each Revelot creation embodies our commitment to cherishing moments, bridging connections through thoughtful designs. Join us in the joy of giving, where each piece becomes a celebration, a testament to passion, and a lasting delight.


Revelot aspires to provide entry-level fine watches that establish the benchmark for your initial exploration into the realm of watch collecting. Through unwavering dedication, we bring you products that transcend the ordinary realm and overpriced fashion clutter.


We consistently strive to maintain our products at an equitable price accessible to all. Over the years, we've diligently crafted sustainable approaches to provide products of exceptional quality while remaining affordable. Our strategy involves selling directly to you through reliable online platforms. By bypassing needless intermediary expenses and hefty marketing budgets, we redirect the saved costs into enhancing features and utilizing superior materials.