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R11 Hexmariner

Late 2020 after the end of the R9 Veloce crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo we started planning for the next project. With requests for more automatic watches pouring in, it is only natural for us to explore that route. However we do not want to make just another dive watch that looks like any other, or too funky that it would end up wearing the owner.

There are just too many brands that are focusing on making tool dive watches that are clunky with massive depth ratings and helium valves or just exact clones of the submariner. We noticed that there are less than a handful of brands making dress styled dive watches.

Introducing the Revelot R11 Hexmariner.


While maintaining the silhouette of the Sub, we transformed the overall case and bracelet to something more angular and edgy by introducing chamfers and hexes giving an industrial edge to the iconic profile. With brush & polish metal finishes thrown into the final detail, the industrial effect has now taken a leap into elegance. Just like diamonds with multiple facets reflecting light giving it shine and sparkles, the Hexmariner does the same. And to top it off, a unidirectional ceramic bezel with C3/BGW9 Swiss made Super-luminova with an anti-reflective sapphire glass (no cyclops) added to complete the look.


The Hexmariner comes in 316L stainless steel which needs no introduction, and CuSn8 Bronze option made with bronze, tin and phosphor. This mix is highly sought after due to its low amount of impurities, and because it hardly gets any reaction from oxygen. That makes the material more resistant to all possible forms of corrosion.

What is Patina?

Patina is a thin film that develops over time on bronze and brass surfaces. It usually has a blue or greenish color, depending on the elements it has been exposed to. As everyone's experience and journey varies, this means all bronze watch's patina are uniquely crafted by it's owner.

Patina is a reversible process by dipping it for a few minutes in soda or lemon juice (be sure to rinse with water after).


The watch will be 200M water resist with double o-rings on the screw lock crown. Sandwiched sapphire glass on both ends for better water resist as well. It is a casual diver suitable for swimming, snorkeling or some leisure diving.

The bracelet of the Launch Edition on Kickstarter will be heavily chamfered with brush and polish finishes with a CNC finished end link and milled clasp to match the case. It will also be equipped with quick release spring bars for easy swap with leather or silicone straps.

To keep the price attainable for everyone, the R11 is powered with a workhorse Seiko NH35 with date, running at 21,600 bph (beats per hour). Its easy to source, repair and service for product longevity.

The Hexmariner comes with a decorated exhibition sapphire glass caseback to seal the deal. Some might frown upon this but we chose an exhibition caseback over a solid caseback because the Hexmariner is meant to be a dress styled dive watch with a playful temper.


Spilling over to the hands and dial, we decided to scrape the lollipop hands after sharing this idea with a friend (courtesy of Jonathan Taliani) and went with a sturdy chamfered sword shaped hands with mirror on the side and brush on the top with a generous dash of Super-Luminova grade X1 or BGW9 Grade A. Same for the Indexes in order to match the drapes; hex shaped chamfered blocks filled with C3 or BGW9 Swiss lume depending on model.

Now comes the dial, with so much going on the case, there’s just no way to settle for a boring flat dial like the Sub, however we need to take legibility as a consideration as we the revellers have a tendency to overdesign dials (cough R9). Playing along with the idea of hexagon shapes, we came up with the embossed Crystal Star pattern.

Which sat really well with the overall design, and for a premium alternative; Muonionalusta meteorite dial from northern Scandinavia.



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